Theme 4: Transparency and Results Management

Workshop Title Speakers Workshop Description
The citizen as the regulator: approaches to empowering citizens and consumers TBC, Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Nepal,

Gustavo Kuster de Albuquerque, Inmetro, Brasil

Often the power of the citizen to change business behaviour and improve compliance can be overlooked. This workshop will present practical examples of engaging citizens to drive up food safety standards and the safety of consumer goods, exploring alternatives to inspection.
Transparency enhancement tools: The feedback loop between regulator and business Abeer Shalan, Jordan;

Giedrius Kadziauskas, Lithuania

This session will explore the topic of accountability and transparency of regulatory agencies to business and citizens through the ‘feedback loop’ including complaints and appeals against regulator decisions
Transparency as a driver for better regulatory delivery To include country case study from Moldova


Businesses value certainty in their interactions with regulators. This session will explore different approaches to increasing transparency to business and ensuring that businesses know what to expect from regulators. A representative from Moldova will speak about their work on transparency of inspections as part of a broader e-government transparency agenda.
Inspection Results Measurements Frameworks Lynsey Brooks, Better Regulation Delivery Office

Wafa’ Aranki, World Bank Group

How can regulatory agencies design the right performance indicators to measure what matters? The session will present BRDO’s “Impact and Outcomes” tool and the WBG’s “Results Measurement Model”, a work in progress. The session will also consider data availability, data credibility, practicality, time and cost.
Does regulatory reform make a difference, and can we prove it? Giedrius Kadziauskas, Lithuania

Daniel Trnka, OECD

With increasing international interest in reforming the way regulation is designed and delivered, this workshop will seek to answer whether regulatory reform really makes a difference. Are we, as Governments and reformers, achieving the impacts we want to see – reduced business burden, reduced corruption, and improved market access? Speakers will introduce examples of measuring reform outcomes and the OECD Framework for Regulatory Policy Evaluation

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