Theme 3: Inspection Reform as part of Public Sector Reform

Workshop Title Speakers Workshop Description
Regulatory Impact Assessment: from Design to Delivery Zambia Cabinet Office;Martin Traynor, Regulatory Policy Committee (UK);

Cesar Cordova, Regulatory Reform Expert

This workshop will examine the processes and tools of Regulatory Impact Assessment in the context of an end to end approach to regulatory design and delivery. This includes considering how regulations will be enforced and implemented at the earliest stages of policy design, how to engage businesses and other stakeholders in regulatory design and how to develop independent scrutiny of the policy and delivery cycle.
Regulatory delivery throughout the business cycle Lars Grava, WBGBangladesh case study Throughout the business life cycle, “regulatory delivery” is an integral part of government interactions with the private sector. Therefore it is essential first to understand what “regulatory delivery” means for government and businesses, then review the effectiveness and interplay of different regulatory tools – such as registration, inspections and permits – at different stages of the business life cycle.  The session will also identify new trends in regulatory delivery and the opportunities and risks in developing countries.
Inspection and Public Sector Reform: Links and Leverage Peter Ladegaard, WBG

Hayk Ayvazyan, Ministry of Economy, Armenia

This session will identify overlaps and linkages between inspection reform and “traditional” public sector reform and discuss how good timing, coordination and integration can leverage both reforms. A case study from the Armenian government will demonstrate practical experiences in this area.
Public private dialogue: where next for the conversation? Kathryn Preece BRDO,PPD specialist from WBG This workshop will explore the importance of public private dialogue in both driving private sector development and public sector transformation. The session will include practice from the UK to improve business and public sector engagement at a local level and practical examples from the World Bank Group’s PPD specialist.
Co-ordinated regulatory delivery: how to address the challenge of cross government co-ordination Rob Velders, NL;Erica Butler, BRDO Many ministries, departments and agencies, at a national and local level, can be involved in the design and implementation of regulations. This workshop will explore different solutions to the challenge of coordinating regulatory responsibilities across different organisations. Presentations will include discussion of the benefits and limitations of co-ordination mechanisms, structural solutions and will discuss the lead agency approach to risk based inspections.


Opening up data: possibilities for better regulatory delivery Rotterdam University (tbc);Phil Preece, BRDO The open data agenda is being adopted by governments worldwide and better availability of data opens up possibilities for better regulatory delivery. This workshop will discuss the limitations and challenges with sharing data across government and wider for the purpose of improving regulatory delivery and discuss an IT solution being piloted by UK government to share business compliance data across regulatory agencies using a novel geography based approach
Lines of communication: Consultation and stakeholder engagement Florentin Blanc & Giuseppa Ottimofiore, Researcher – Specialist in Public Law This session will provide an opportunity to explore different approaches to consultation and stakeholder engagement as part of the regulatory process, and examining the diversity behind seemingly simple words.

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