Theme 2: International Standards and Mutual Recognition

Workshop Title Speakers Workshop Description
EU Directives: the road to consistency in regulatory enforcement Lianne Mooldijk, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, The NetherlandsJennifer Heigham & Delia Leonte, UK Department for Transport This workshop will provide practical examples of how EU member states are working together to influence and improve both the design and delivery of regulation made at the EU level. Speakers from The Netherlands and the UK will outline how EU countries have been working in partnership to ensure that EU regulation is enforced in a “smart” way providing protections and supporting economic growth in a consistent way across the EU, drawing on case study examples from the field of transport.
Addressing trade challenges through government and private sector collaboration Samir Dani, National Association of Asian BusinessesWBG trade expert International trade in food can be subject to restrictions when evidence of risk to human or environmental safety exist. But trade restrictions have an impact on the businesses within the existing supply chain. This workshop will use the example of the recent ban on imports of Indian mangos into the EU to discuss how private sector representatives and governments can work together to develop options in these types of trade challenges.
New approaches to providing assurance for trading in new markets Leatherhead Food Research tbc How businesses can gain assurance for products to trade into new markets.
Standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment, mutual recognition and common markets. Florentin Blanc & Giuseppa Ottimofiore, Researcher – Specialist in Public Law The workshop will cover both the theoretical aspects of the question (relationship of standards to regulation, standards and conformity assessment as regulatory instruments, and strengths and risks thereof) as well as the practical impact in terms of trade and investment.
Regulatory delivery across a common market: market surveillance in the EU Phil Owen, EU PROSAFE project;Andrejka Grlic, Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia Common markets bring benefits for businesses trading across country boundaries. But how should country regulatory agencies conduct regulatory controls where products are being traded across the common market?   This workshop will use the example of regulation of product safety market surveillance across the EU to discuss mechanisms to support coordination and consistency in regulatory delivery across the common market.


Reforming trade logistics WBG trade logistics team; country example speaker Reforming trade logistics is a priority for many countries, and the involvement of regulatory agencies is an important factor. A World Bank expert will introduce the topic and reflect on experiences in a range of countries followed by a case study example.

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