What to expect at Inspection Reform Conference 2014


140710 International Conference video

Ikechukwu Ugwuanyi, Country Manager of Emzor in Liberia, on regulatory inspections

Ahead of the Inspection Reform Conference in London in September, BRDO is sharing some of the experiences businesses have of regulation in their part of the world.
Taken during one of the team’s visits to Liberia, in this clip, Ikechukwu Ugwuanyi, Country Manager of Emzor, talks about multiple inspections.

BRDO present on inspection reform in Mozambique

“I attended the Eastern and Southern Africa Ease of Doing Business Initiative (EDBI) conference in Maputo, Mozambique earlier this year. This conference explored how the investment environment in the relevant countries can be improved and sought to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience on investment environment reform between the participating countries.
Topics covered included international trade, registration of property, access to finance, and obtaining construction permits. I presented on the topic of inspection reform.”

Phil Preece, Project manager, Better Regulation Delivery Office

International Conference breakdown

Tuesday 9th September – Breaking down barriers to trade: how inspection reform can help
Plenary and workshops with speakers from World Bank Group, OECD, and the UK Government.
Evening reception hosted by Lord Curry at the House of Lords with UK regulators and businesses.

Wednesday 10th September – Case studies and international experiences
Case studies and shared learning on creating a positive and transparent regulatory environment that promotes trust and confidence through better inspections, enforcement and regulatory practice.
Presentations from speakers with policy, regulatory and business backgrounds.

Thursday 11th September – Business visits
UK businesses will host delegates to discuss impact of regulatory enforcement and inspections from the business perspective, regulatory barriers to export and share experiences of being regulated in the UK and export markets. UK inspectors will join these visits to offer their perspective and experiences.

International Conference 9th – 11th September 2014, London, UK

Inspection Reform: Breaking Down Barriers to Trade and Investment will explore how changing the way regulation is delivered on the ground can support greater trust and confidence to trade and invest. Improving the delivery of regulation has an important role in improving the business environment by supporting businesses to be successful whilst providing necessary protections to citizens, the environment and the economy.

This international conference is being organised by the UK Government Better Regulation Delivery Office and the World Bank Group, in partnership with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, OECD and with the support of the UK Department for International Development’s IFUSE programme.

Inspection Reform: Breaking Down Barriers to Trade and Investment will build on the experiences shared at the first International Inspection Reform Conference in November 2012. It will bring together evidence and practice from around the world, and provide an opportunity for countries working towards a common goal of a better regulatory environment for trade and investment to engage in dialogue with countries with similar reform contexts and share case studies.