Toy Retailer and Importer

Established in 1967 John Adams based in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire has been supplying quality crafts, games and toys to retail for over 45 years with successful brands including Fuzzy Felt, Tiny Tears, Rubiks Cube, Ideal Games, Disney Princess and My Little Pony. The product ranges include chemistry and science discovery kits presenting particularly complex challenges.

Manufacturing takes place outside the UK with the business specifying the product design and supervision of quality management. The business works closely with Cambridgeshire County Council, Trading Standards under a ‘Primary Authority’ agreement in which advice and guidance is sought early and at all stages of the product design, specification and quality management processes.

The visit will explain the steps involved in bringing new and innovative toy products to market and the support role provided by Trading Standards and how this assists the business to trade lawfully throughout the UK.

Time: 10:30-16:30 (Departure approx. 08:00) Max number: 20

john adams


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