Sainsbury’s Superstore and Distribution Centre

Sainsbury’s will be hosting a visit to explore how compliance with regulatory requirements is met in practice at one of its London superstores looking as such issues as staff training, procedures and compliance checks that are in place to ensure that labelling, prices and date codes are correct, that underage sales do not take place and that food hygiene and health and safety requirements are met.

A retail superstore will trade 24 hours per day except on Sundays where trading is restricted in large shops to six hours. A superstore will employ in the region of 500 people on a full and part time basis, stock in the region of 70,000 product lines and service the needs of over 40,000 customers each week.
The distribution centre will provide the opportunity to better understand how fast moving retail supply chains operate in the UK and possibly the incoming checks against specification that are in place. A typical distribution centre may service the needs of about 50 stores with potentially two or three deliveries being made to each store in a day and little stock held at store level. A sophisticated sales based ordering system ensures the balance between stock and orders keeps product on the shelves.

Time: 10:30-13:00 (Departure approx. 09:30) Max number: 15



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