London Gateway Deep-Water Port Facility

London Gateway is a new deep water port development on the north bank of the river Thames at Thurrock in Essex which will be able to handle the biggest container ships in the world. The port will be combined with Europe’s largest logistics park.
London Gateway will provide 2700 metres of quay, six deep water births with a depth alongside of 17 metres, 24 giant quay cranes, 40 fully automated container stacking cranes and an annual capacity of 3.5 million TEU making London once again a hub for international trade. More than 30% of transport of goods to and from the port will be by rail saving an estimated 150,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions each year. Two of the six berths are now in operation. It is estimated that the new port will create 27,700 jobs for London and contribute £2.4Bn to its economy when fully operational.

The visit will be supported by the London Port Health Authority, City of London Corporation. The Port Health Authority serves business and protects the UK through the provision of import controls, ship sanitation / control, food standards, food safety and water quality, infectious disease control and health education, environmental controls, shellfish controls, training, smoke free legislation and pest control.

Time: 10:30-13:00 (Departure approx. 09:30) Max number: 10

dp world ;london gateway


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