Leatherhead Food Research Association

The LFRA, founded in 1919 offers services including market intelligence, food research and analysis, food legislation, business and technical information and training to the UK, EU and Global food businesses. LFRA has a membership of 1500 food companies world-wide including ingredient suppliers, manufacturers, retail and food service businesses. Its client base ranges from Multinationals to small and medium sized enterprises.

The activities of LFRA are structured around five main service platforms comprising Regulatory services (providing an advisory service spanning over 100 countries), Food innovation, Sensory and Consumers, Nutrition and Food Safety. In addition LFRA regularly delivers large scale public and privately funded research and analytical project work including for the UK Departments of Health and Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and their agencies.

The visit will focus on the Global regulatory support activities at Leatherhead. Leatherhead has a team of 20 Regulatory advisors covering twenty five languages including Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew and most European languages, Korean, Malaysian and Indonesian. Areas of regulatory expertise include EU Nutrition and Health Claims requirements, food and nutrition labelling, novel foods, GM Foods and ingredients, food additives, supplements, fortification, pesticides and contaminants, compositional standards, materials and articles in contact with food, food safety and hygiene requirements.

Time: 10:30-13:30 (Departure approx. 08:45) Max number: 25



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