‘Eat 17’ and briefing from the Association of Convenience Stores

Innovation and compliance in the UK Convenience Retail Sector – visit to the new Spar Flagship concept store ‘Eat 17’ and regulatory policy briefing from the Association of Convenience Stores.

Founded in Holland in 1932, Spar is the largest international food retail chain with 12,332 stores in 34 countries. Spar is the UK’s leading convenience store group with an annual turnover in excess of £3Billion. Spar operates as a ‘symbol’ group which means that individual member businesses retain their independence but enjoy the advantages of belonging to a global brand. The wholesale members service more than 2,400 stores and employ over 50,000 people in the UK.

Convenience retail in the UK has adapted to meet strong competition from supermarket retail and home delivery and also regulatory challenges surrounding the sale of alcohol, cigarettes and confectionery. The Eat 17 store show cases the innovative nature of UK convenience retail. Launched by brothers Chris and Daniel O’Connor and Chris’s partner Siobhan O’Donnell and step brother James Brundle EAT 17 is a conversion of a former snooker hall to a convenience store selling everything from kitchen towels to gourmet sausages, homemade ready meals and freshly baked organic bread coupled with a self-service burger bar, gourmet restaurant and unique cinema experience.

For as Napoleon described the British as a nation of shopkeepers the store shows how competition and the need to anticipate and meet customer needs drives innovation and also the need for regulation and regulators to support innovation and growth.

Time: 10:30-12:30 (Departure approx. 09:15) Max number: 10

eat 17


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