Grundon Waste Recycling and Incineration Plant

Founded in 1929 by Stephen Grundon, this family owned company is the largest privately owned waste management group in the UK. Grundon has developed from a local supply business into a national commercial group in the industrial services sector, with interests in, waste management, recycling, green waste treatment and recovery, provision of services to local authorities such as civic amenity sites and developing technological solutions to industrial waste problems.
Delegates will have the opportunity to visit the purpose built education centre and hear about the full range of services and innovative techniques developed, how UK and EU pollution controls are met, the long term integrated waste management strategy and gain an understanding of the interaction with the local authority and national regulatory inspectors. Delegates will then be invited to tour the new £180 million Lakeside Energy from Waste plant, which processes in excess of 410,000 tonnes per year of residual waste from businesses and local authorities.

Time: 10:30-13:00 (Departure approx. 08:45) Max number: 15



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